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Tuscany & Umbria Book Cover

Tuscany and Umbria are magical realms! Places where the countyside is so lovingly designed that the eye sweeps over the mountains and valleys with pure pleasure. The lilt of the rolling green hills, the upraised cypresses, the terraces sculpted by generations of farmers, Endorsementsthe fields geometrically designed as though drawn by a draftsman for beauty as well as productivity; the battlements of castles and towns on hills, their towers and walls standing golden-tan among the green fields and forests. God and man have combined to create these supreme works of art called Tuscany and Umbria.


Far removed from the stress of modern existence, in Tuscany and Umbria you can settle into a pace of life that sustains pleasure, and promotes peace of mind. All while exploring some of the worlds best art and architecture, and sampling amazing culinary delights, such as the famous Black Truffles from Umbria.

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